[Bonwicke] A Day in the Ottoman Empire

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The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing! And congratulations, again, on a
well deserved honor.





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For those of you who were not able to attend the "Day in the Ottoman
Empire,"  I'm sorry to say you missed a great event.  But despair not, for I
have pictures of the event at the Piczo site below:


<http://www.rizardo-celonise.piczo.com/?cr=2&rfm=y> &rfm=y


Check out the 3 pages of pictures: Defender of Trelac fighters, people and
court.  To those of you who were there, I'm sorry if I didn't capture you on
film.  My photos were inspired more by artistic considerations than
compiling an accurate record of the event.  Lighting, color, composition,
lack of mundane objects in the picture were more important than whose
picture got taken.  As far as the event goes, it was one of the most
enjoyable Celonise and I have attended.  The weather was mild, the food
fantastic and the companionship without equal.  They were many awards given,
but the one entry that carried no award with it, should have received one
anyway.  The meal prepared under Behiye's leadership with the help of
Mistress Martha, Lady Caite,  and Lady Jamie (I hope I listed everyone) was
the best and most exotic we have ever had at an SCA event.  Thanks and
Congratulations.  The bardic circle run by Baron Gavin was very enjoyable as
wasthe belly dancing by Behiye and friends, and special presentation on
Middle Eastern persona by Asad.


Other awards were as follows:


Chivalric:  Chiang


Rapier: Rizardo


Ax knife and Spear: Herbacius


A & S: Herbacius


Bardic: Muirghein


I hope I got this all right, and if I misspelled you name please feel free
to correct me.  My many thanks for those that supported Celonise's and my
nominations for Award of Arms. Celonise also wishes to thank Noah and George
the Instigator's daughter (sorry we don't have your name) for help with the
water bearing.


Lord Rizardo and Lady Celonise

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