[Bonwicke] Gothic Things

George- the instigator grlgeorge1 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 07:56:48 PDT 2007

Greeting unto the Western Region, and elsewhere that
read this list.
 I would like to thank the water bearers for the
fabulous job they did this past weekend.  All areas
seemed to be covered, except the thrown weapons field.
Please remember, in the future, to consider ALL the
aspects of a  summer event.  We love Yves de Byron,
and do not wish him to waste away whilst he is running
the thrown weapons contests, nor would we like to see
the participants get overwrought either.
That being said, my 5 gallon water jug went missing. I
am sure it just decided to take a ride with someone,
to another lovely part of our Kingdom, but it is
sorely missed. It have my (old/used to be married)
name on the bottom, and the underside of the lid. 
SAVAGE with my old address 7808 Globe Lubbock TX, and
I think it even sports my old phone number.  If, when
you finally unpack, you happen upon this cooler,
please let me know.  You can call or email me.    
I know, I know, it's just a water jug, but hey, it's
my water jug, and I am awfully found of it.

Thank you.

barony of bonwicke

drum for your soul

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