[Bonwicke] Didn't get a Gothic Wars T-shirt?

paula hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 7 12:19:13 PDT 2007

So you went to Gothic Wars and didn't get a commemorative "My Baron Can Whoopeth Thy
Baron" t-shirt? Or you desperately wanted to go to Gothic Wars, but were trapped under
something heavy and couldn't make it, but you still want one of our near-cashmere,
limited edition "My Baron Can Whoopeth Thy Baron" t-shirts?

Well here's your big chance! I have had several good gentles ask if there will be a
reprint of them, and my t-shirt maven has expressed to me that the shortest run he can
muster is a couple dozen.

So! If you want one (a loverly black t-shirt with patriotic Ansteorran gold imagery of 2
barons arm-wrestling, now for the low, low bargain price of $10), then email me privately
at pippermint at sbcglobal.net with sizes (small-3X), and (important possible-failure
notice) if there are enough parties interested, I will do another short run of at least
24, and we'll figure out a payment/delivery schedule. Or if you want to see a sample
before you buy, I can email you privately as well.

Baroness Oriana


After developing a healthy orange glow, an interest in Olivia Newton-John and an increased desire to roller-skate, I realized that either these Xanax tablets are counterfeit or my doctor needs to work on his penmanship skills.

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