[Bonwicke] Gothic Wars T-shirt FINAL CHANCE

paula hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 8 14:31:31 PDT 2007

Okay, I've had loads of interest in getting more Gothic Wars t-shirts printed! So I'll do
another print run.

I need all final shirt sizes and requests in to me by no later than MONDAY AT NOON:
pippermint at sbcglobal.net

That way I can get the shirt order sent off. I'm hoping (and this may be rather
short-sighted ambition) to have the second run printed in time for Elfsea Defender.

Thanks to everyone! This has been fun! ;o) Oh, if someone could forward this on to the
Elfsea and Dragonsfire Tor lists, that'd be great.

Baroness Oriana


After developing a healthy orange glow, an interest in Olivia Newton-John and an increased desire to roller-skate, I realized that either these Xanax tablets are counterfeit or my doctor needs to work on his penmanship skills.

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