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And on that note (for those of you who never got to hear/see it)...


For days when sunshine beats down on your face
and all your tries at hiding are in vain
your camp, you see, is not a shady place
and prayers are met with reddened skin in pain.
Your lips are dry and chapped and cracked and sore.
Your throat is parched in need of something wet.
What fool thought summer good for Gothic War?
You'd beat him, but you're dehydrated yet.
But who is this approaching now with jugs?**
An angel bringing water, snacks in tubs!

It is a water-bearer! By God's Grace.
And in her arms is drink, your thirst to wane.
You hated pickles; now you love their taste;
ambrosia tepid water puts to shame.
It matters not to them if you are poor,
or if their work with money can't be met.
In thanks and health these people place much store.
Good gentles now methinks our task is set:
To keep them happy is our solemn call.
We need our water-bearers, one and all!

The bearers of water be praised
while they are at work not at laze
For without them we'd die (though for sooth you may try),
as for me, all their names I will raise!

(composed at Gothic War XVI)

In service to The Dream,
Cuillioc "Quill"  /|\
Titled Bard of the Barony of Bonwicke and Mendershamshire

Today's Topics:
>    1. Gothic War Rapier Waterbearing Thank Yous (Elizabeth Blackthorne)
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> Greetings all,
>   I would like to thank all those who helped to give our Rapier fighters
> the gift of hydration at this past Gothic War.  First of all, the tourney on
> Saturday was "all but run"  by one of our youths, Bailey son of Tess.  He
> did an outstanding job of doing this.  In my experience children his age
> will work for 20-45 min before they are bored and run off to do other
> things.  This young lad was there from begining to end.  Young Bailey, I am
> impressed and awed by you and know your service will be noticed by more than
> just I, and you will go far in this "Dream".  Toshiro was also very helpful
> on the light tourney field, he marshalled, fought, and was for a time the
> only adult waterbearer present.  I would also like to thank the person who
> came down from the Chivalric Melees to assist with waterbearing here.  I do
> not know your name, but you were very appreciated.
>   On Sunday at the Melee field there was another lady who was instumental
> in coordinating waterbearing, I have searched the sign in list and cannot
> find what your name is, but you know who you are and how much your service
> meant to this event.  And to Quill, Mi Lord, your poem inspired all of us
> waterbearers to continue our efforts to hydrate those who fight for us,
> Thank You for sharing your gift with us at the Melee field.
>   For those whose names escaped me, please feel free to post your name on
> this list or to me privately so that you can get the credit you fully
> deserve.  And one more BIG THANK YOU to HL Marrianna le Faye who ran the
> refill station, keeping the water full, gatorade made, and pickles, oranges,
> and watermelon chopped.  You did an outstanding job especially having this
> thrown at you last minute, and totally un organized.  It takes a special
> someone to be willing to miss the main parts of an event to work behind the
> scenes.  If I left you out, I appologize, it's been crazy here.
>   In Service.
>   Elizabeth Blackthorne
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