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rizardo dartusio rizardodartusio at yahoo.com
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I can't seem to figure out how to contact Yahoo for an answer.  All my attempts get bounced back.  Any suggestions for an address?  


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Yahoo will never ask for your password except for login.  I have never recieved anything like this.  I would suggest reporting it to yahoo by fw'ding it to yahoo.com.

rizardo dartusio <rizardodartusio at yahoo.com> wrote:
I received an email supposedly from Yahoo that said I needed to provide my yahoo ID and password to them or my email account would be discarded permanently.  Supposedly this action is being taken by Yahoo to find out which email accounts are still active and eliminate those which aren't.  I have 2 weeks to give them this information or permanently loose my email.  I checked the source information and it seems to have come from Yahoo.  I know that many of you have email accounts at Yahoo as are some of the groups like Trelac.  Has anyone gotten a similar message?  I am not particularly savvy with this kind of thing, but I am suspicious.  Their high-handed way of saying if I didn't provide the information in 2 weeks would result in a permanent loss of my account doesn't sound legit, and wouldn't they already know if I was using the account by the acitivity of sending and receiving emails?  The sender is yhupgrademoderator 12 at yahoo.com , but without
 actually responding I can find no information if this is an email officially from Yahoo and not someone just using a Yahoo email address. . Can anyone advise?

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