[Bonwicke] Crescent Wrench/ Site Rules and Finalized Schedule

Elizabeth Blackthorne damsle_n_distress2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 27 00:20:54 PDT 2007

  Below is the final schedule for Crescent Wrench.  We have decided to have everyone "pitch in" for pizza delivery for lunch.  If you are not interested in eating pizza we will have a map to local eating places that are available near by.  The suggested "pitch in" price is $4 per person.  
  There will be no MOC activities at this function so please be prepared to keep your children entertained and with you at all times.
  We are placing an ad in the local newspaper and inviting the public to attend our non-officer classes.  
  Crescent Wrench will be held during the Library's normal business hours, so we ask that you do your best to not disrupt their business.  Don't worry folks, we are down in the basement so we don't have to whisper or any thing like that. 
  I appologize but there will be no pets allowed on this site.
  There is a city ordinance in Big Spring banning smoking to all public buildings and smoking cannot be outside with in 30 ft of any entrance to the building.  We will have a designated smoking area set up, and ask that smoking only take place in that area, not only for you to avoid getting a ticket, but also to keep the opinion of the SCA in good standing with in our community.
  Once again, 
  Site:  Howard County Library (MAP COMING SOON)
           500 S. Main
           Big Spring, TX  79720
  Date:  October 13, 2007
   8:00am  Site Opens
   9:00am  Opening Meeting- Mistress Marthe de Blenkinsop
  10:00am  Senschal Warranting Class- Mistress Marthe de Blenkinsop
                Chivalric Fighting and Marshalling- Baron Chaing Ti Lung
                Rapier Marshalling- Lady Muirghein MacKiernan
  12:00pm  Lunch
   1:00pm  Financial Policy Class- Baroness Safiye ap Griffith
               Beginer Middle Eastern Dancing- Lady Behiya bint Kismet
               Sewing Shortcuts, Organization, and Pattern Making- HL  AmaRyah hap Illys
   2:30pm  Exchequers Forms Class- Baroness Safiy ap Griffithe
               Drum Repair and Basic Beats- HL Giorgio della Falbo de Milano
   4:00pm  Gothic Staff Meeting- HL Agnarr Thorvaldson or Pavel Poliokoff
   6:00pm  Site Closes
  I hope to see everyone there.  
  L.Elizabeth Blackthorne
  Seneschal of Crossrode Keep

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