[Bonwicke] Gulf Wars 2009

barongavin at suddenlink.net barongavin at suddenlink.net
Mon Dec 15 19:15:21 PST 2008

Greetings Everyone,

Pre-Registration for Gulf Wars XVIII has begun.

Pre-registration via regular USPS mail ends January 31, 2009.  Pre-registration via the internet and credit card ACCEPS ends on February 18, 2009.

If you plan on attending the War and if you plan on camping with us (former Western Region camping) then you must pre-register.  Please state on your form that you are camping with “TRELAC”.   In order for us to have roughly the same camping space that we had last year, we must all pre-register and we must have at least 20 people.  We had a really great time last year and I would hate to see us lose that time we have to spend with one another. 

As with every year, space is just as limited this year at the War.   If you don’t manage to pre-register there is no telling where they will stick you this year.  But I promise - you’ll be able to hear the interstate.

If you are going to pre-register for the War – the sooner I know the better.  If you will be attending the War AND will be pre-registering, please send me an email to barongavin at suddenlink.net so I can begin preparations.    That email should include:

*tent size (with guide wires)
* period tent or not
* side of the tent the door is on (long/short)

Each person that per-registers is allotted a 15x15 space.  Couples that pre-register should do so separately (ie: not on the same ACCEPS form).  This is a change from previous years because the new way to count pre-registered people is to count the number of forms printed out, not the number of people on the forms.   

Remember folks, I can do a lot with very little but I have to know you’re attending.  And in order for me to know, you’ve got to pre-register.  

I’ve been told that if you say things at least 3 times people remember so here goes:
pre-register! pre-register! pre-register!

Trelac Land-o-crat

PS - Gerrold - please forward to the Blacklake shire list.  Thanks.

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