[Bonwicke] Saturday 21, Dec

HE Chiang chiang at clearwire.net
Tue Dec 16 21:50:20 PST 2008

  Ni Hao Bonwicke,
The Holidays grow ever closer, as does our Artisan and Winter fest event. I will be working on some stuff for prizes and such this Saturday, as well as doing some armoring type things also. I would also like to open my house to any who would like to come over and help or work on their own projects. We will be starting around 1:30 or so and going well into the evening. 
 I have a really good propane heater to keep the garage area warm and will be grilling some stuff for the evening meal. Come help with armor, prizes, other projects, enjoy some good company, some food and drink. Celebrate the Holidays with us and look forward to the New Year. 
 Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, I am and remain humbly
 Yours in Service.
 HE Chiang
 Baron of Bonwicke
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