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Dear Excellencies Chiang and Wu and Bonwicke:

Well said!

All I can add to this wonderful plea is "hear hear"


On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 10:28 PM, HE Chiang <chiang at clearwire.net> wrote:

>    Greetings Bonwicke,
> I am having a hard time writing this but thought that I really should.
> There are some things we really need to think about in the very near future.
> Our paid memberships are down below what they need to be to stay a Barony.
> At present we are about 4 members short. While this would be fairly easy to
> make up, we need more than just ghost members. We need real people. Over the
> last few years, for what ever reason, our membership numbers have been
> falling. This is not just a problem here but all over Society wide. It is
> just more dire here right now.
>   We barely have people to cover needed offices, or deputies for them
> either. We have at least one that is coming up that we will need a
> replacement for. If something is not done or does not change, we will soon
> not be a Barony. Many of us have worked way too hard over the past nearly 20
> years to see this happen.
>   We need more than just ideas to boost membership and recruitment, we need
> the older more experienced players to come back out. We need people that
> have let their memberships expire, to renew them. We need people that have
> stopped coming out to come back out. The few that do play are not going to
> be enough to stop what may be down the road. We are going to need the help
> of everyone that possibly can help. Come back out to fighter practice, even
> if you do not fight, we would enjoy the company, if the weather is too bad,
> we can meet indoors. Host a guild night, heck host a revel, just do
> something.
>   I know that when the West was dissolved, it hurt a bunch of us, and most
> of us pretty deeply. It crushes me to think that the same thing may happen
> to Bonwicke. Her Excellency Wu and myself will do what we can but we can
> only do so much. We, meaning Bonwicke, really need everyone's help. Renew
> those memberships, come back out, have some fun. If you got mad at someone
> and stopped playing, come back out and show them they can not run you off.
> If you just got bored, come back out and do something to make it more fun.
> If you can contact someone that has not played in a while, do so and get
> them to come out with you. What ever it takes.....so long as it is legal of
> course.
>   And on a more personal note.....I do not want to be the last Baron of
> Bonwicke.
>   I am and remain Yours in Service,
>   HE Chiang,
>   Present Baron of Bonwicke
>   Companion to the Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star
>   Companion to the Order of the Star of Merit
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