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Dear Holly and Jena,et. al:

Just a correction or a note to the invitation. I am sure you did not mean to
misinform anyone about all those holidays. However, the one about "the
Catholic church had a feast day for Jesus' circumcision - I'm not kidding!"
was somewhat erroneus. The actual feast is this, below:

The Catholic Church DID have a feast day on January 1 and still does. It is
to celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary's status as the Mother of God. She is
given this title because in the theology of the Holy Trinity, Jesus is the
second Person in the trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God, the
Holy Spirit. The way this is taught is that God is LOVE. His love created
the Holy Spirit. He loves his Creation so much that when we fell into sin,
because of the temptation of the fallen angel Lucifer (aka satan, whose name
I WILL NOT CAPITALIZE), He became the God-Man (Jesus) to show us that God
understands and loves us. Therefore, not only is Mary the Mother of the
child Jesus, She is the Mother of GOD, because Jesus was concieved from the
love of the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Read the beginning of the gospel of Luke, for the birth narrative of Jesus.
(the Christmas Story).

The circumcision feast is from the Jewish BRIS, because all Jewish males are
circumcised at 8 days old and we know that Mary and Joseph took the child to
the Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem for this. When they met the rabbi Simeon and
an old woman called "the prophetess Anna" in the Temple, Simeon told Mary "this
child will be the deliverer and the light of his people Israel, for he will
save his people from their sins". He then told Mary "and your heart will be
pierced with a sword, so that the hearts of many may be revealed".
A Bris is one of the most sacred Jewish occasions, much like a Christian
baptism, with food, party and gifts for the parents and baby.
I have never attended one myself, but friends of mine in Pennsylvania have,
and said it was a wonderful occasion.

And when you start making fun of us superstitious Christians and Jews who
circumcise our babies, it might be nice to know that during the plagues and
other times, Jews were vilified and persecuted by everyone (which POPE JOHN

Be sure of all your facts from reliable sources before you put subtle
insults into your writing about feast days for which you know little about.

Respectfully submitted in love for your edification,

"All we can choose, Frodo, is what to do with the time that is given to us".
Gandalf, Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien.
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