[Bonwicke] NOT a Pagan Party

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Wed Dec 31 12:11:19 PST 2008

Unto all

Please let me clarify....the New Year's Potluck at HE Haakon and Anna's  
house is NOT, I REPEAT NOT, A Pagan party. It is a NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY.

My letter to her was in response to the item in the original celebration  
which mistakenly cited "Catholics once had a feast day for Jesus'  
circumcision" which was only partially true, and I wanted to clarify our  
beliefs to everyone.

If anyone else was offended by my response to the invitiation, I do  
apologize and humbly beg everyone's forgiveness!

In service to the Dream and Ansteorra
I remain
HE Morrigan dubh'Longardail, AoA, ad nauseum, etc, etc....
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