[Bonwicke] Various and Asundered things.....

George grlgeorge1 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 29 06:58:01 PST 2008

Greetings Bonwicke, and to our Extended northerly
I hope this missive finds you all well, and

At officers meeting last evening, several things were
bounced around, and I would like to share some of them

Amarillo and Borger.......
In order for us all to have better working relations,
the following has been suggested. Every other month,
on a Saturday, officers meeting/populace
meeting/fighter practice at a park in Lubbock. And
very other month in the Amarillo  area, same thing, at
a park.  OR.........Every other month half way between
the two places.......Tulia is 1/2 way from Lubbock to
Amarillo, and a road side park, on 207, just north of
Silverton, in the canyon, is 1/2 way between Lubbock
and Borger.
I would like for you all to be thinking about this,
and any other ideas you all might have about how we
can get together, work together, whatever....., and
meet with the current officers/populace at Champions,
in April.  This will give us all plenty of time to yak
about things, go to Gulf wars, whatever.  I would like
to see this implemented beginning in May.

Each of the officers here in lubbock would love to
have a northernly deputy. Are you into heraldry? Like
to meet & greet folks? you get the idea......I would
like to encourage all of you to join the Bonwicke mail
list (It's a yahoo group) and I would like to
encourage all of Bonwicke to join the Adlersruhe list
(it's a yahoo group too). Perhaps this way at least
some of us from each group will have an idea of what's
going on.
And, can anyone tell me if there is a specific list
for Am Loch?
That's about it for now. If were going to stick
together, we need to stick together....? huh....?

for now, our Populace meeting is going to stay on the
1st Tuesday evening of the month.  7pm, at the Home
Plate diner on 50th, between Indiana and Memphis. I
know this is tuff to make for some, that's why I want
ya'll all to think about where else/when else we can
ALL get together. (that road side park is on the edge
of the canyon, lots of parking, hmmm........)

I remain, just

drum for your soul

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