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   IMPORTANT: Combat Archery Ruling (Baldar Blunts)
      Eadric Anstapa  
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        IMPORTANT: Combat Archery Ruling (Baldar Blunts)      
    Posted by:      "Eadric Anstapa"      
      eadric at scabrewer.com      
      Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:45 pm        (PDT)    


-------- Original Message --------

Subject: 	IMPORTANT: Combat Archery Ruling (Baldar Blunts)

Date: 	Wed, 11 Jun 2008 20:32:47 -0400

From: 	Siegfried <SiegfriedFaust@ gmail.com>

To all who receive this ... Please forward to any/all Combat Archery 

mailing lists, archers, & Marshals.

After consultation with numerous officers & Society Earl Marshal 

Hrothgar ... The following ruling is going into effect:

"Effective immediately, due to manufacturing issues, all one-piece 

Baldar Blunts are banned from use on the field.  These are the style of 

blunt that have been made for the last two years, that are all black and 

from a single mold.  Baldar Blunts made of a two-piece mold are fine.  

Marshals, when inspecting Baldar Blunts that are all-black, look for the 

circumferential partition line that will exist on two-piece blunts and 

fail any that do not exhibit this."

For reference (I will get some better pictures up later), here are some 

photos I snagged from the web (Thanks NorthStar):

Old two-part mold blunts:

http://www.northsta rarchery. com/images/ black_blunts. jpg

New one-part mold blunt:

http://www.northsta rarchery. com/images/ Resized/NStar17. jpg

NOTE:  Duke Baldar has graciously offered to replace ALL one-piece mold 

blunts with the older two-piece style at his cost.  Details of how to 

effect said replacement will be posted on his website soon:  

http://houseasgard. com/BaldarBlunts /

ALSO:  Just for your information, Duke Baldar has decided for various 

reasons at this point, that other than the replacement batch for the 

last 2 years worth of blunts, that he will not be making any more Baldar 

Blunts.   All two-part blunts in service will remain legal in Society 

Rules.  He is investigating switching over to providing UHMW style 

blunts instead in the future.

Again, please forward this email to all CA mailing lists & Marshals to 

ensure that everyone knows.

If you have any questions about this ruling, please contact me at this 

email address.

In Service,

Lord Siegfried Sebastian Faust - Deputy Society Earl Marshal for Combat 



____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ________

Siegfried Sebastian Faust - http://crossbows. biz/

Barony of Highland Foorde - Kingdom of Atlantia

Society Combat Archery Marshal 

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