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Greetings ,
HE Brom and I would like to invite both family and friends to Eldern XXXI, May 1-3, 2009. the site is at the base of the Eldern Hills at Camp Kate in Granite, Oklahoma. 
The Party will start on Friday night at 8:00  in Eldern's Great Hall  where we will welcome home our warriors who have been fighting overseas.
Saterday will begin with  competitions, choosing new champions in the areas of Chivalric, Rapier, and Archery.
There will be a beginners A&S comptition where if you have documentation, great, but Not required. 
The evening will begin with music by the Merry Musicans while a Fabulous Frast is served by Lady Kalliera Laskarina. Lady Kalliera comes to us from the East and is a wonderful addition to our Barony. We have sampled  the Fare to be served and you won't want to miss this Feast.
After Court there will be a Masked Ball and Court Dancing your socks off, so bring your best Mask and your dancing shoes. 
For those of you who do not want to mess with packing food for the weekend,  the Ladies of the Fox Tail Tavern will have something for everyone and at a reasonable coin.
Please plan to join The Barony for Eldern XXXI.....We look forward to seeing you there.....HE Audrella

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