[Bonwicke] an open apology

Janice Kirksey brom_audrella at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 14:27:06 PDT 2009

My most sincere apology Cousin,
Yes, it is this weekend but I have misspoken, this is not an "official" northern regional fighters practice, thats what I called it,  in my haste to gather all those who were not going to Bonwicke. After rereading the post I reailize it sounds like we are not supporting your event, which is not the case. We have certainly encouraged our populas to attend the event if they can. Since Brom is only out of the hospital a few days, we will not be attending as he cannot travel that far yet, or we would certainly be there. Having a few of our soldiers who have returned from war wanting to fight, this was my attempt at seeing that they had a few extra bodys to hit on. If I have caused anyone to think that we would rather have them come to a fighters practice rather than attend your event, that was not my intent. I offer you and your Barony my most sincere apology and hope yours is a great event as it always is.  I am posting this back to the open lists
 so that all my know that, yes this is HEAudrella trying to take her foot out of her mouth while offering up the most sincere apology she can muster...................... ME 

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