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When we were at Coronation, Her Majesty told us to make sure that all who deserved awards were recommended for them. So to that end, if you think that someone deserves an award, put them in for one. You can recommend anyone for anything, all we ask is that you also send us a copy so that we will know who was put in for what. Their Majesties usually call to consult with us or get our opinion, it helps to keep us informed.
  You can find the award recommendation page at: http://www.ansteorra.org/forms/award.php . So get those people put in. If you put someone in last reign and they did not get, try again, the recommendation usually does not get past on.
  While I have your attention, there is something else I would like to try at Artisan. I would like as many people as possible to bring a small gift for Her Majesty. Then during Evening Court, we can present them to her as a group, doing this a bit different than the way we used to deliver taxes, sort of pay them individually. 
 Also do not forget that we are going to need everyone's help at Artisan. So come on out and volunteer.
HE Chiang
Baron of Bonwicke and part time nag
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