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Well that is okay. I may not have made myself very clear. They are in town tonight (Friday) and will not be leaving until early Sunday morning. They will done with the funeral around 1:00 Pm or so. Thought that we might show them a bit of hospitality Saturday afternoon and early evening. Maybe cook a few burgers or something, do some fighting if we can get the loaner stuff, what ever. One of them plays in Central Region and the other two work with him. He said that one of them expressed and interest in trying some fighting. Thought we might try to oblige. And I hope this is a bit clearer now<G>
HE Chiang
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  Sorry, I sent the morning getting my computer office fixed and then Kathy had me out of the house until after six in the evening so I didn't read this now, 10:35pm.


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  We have an out of town guest in town for a funeral. When he is done, he and a couple of other guys with him would like to do some stuff in town. He would like to maybe get some loaner armor and have his friends try a bit of fighting. I thought that I would invite them over in the early afternoon for a bit of fighting if anyone would like to bring their armor to help out, or the loaner stuff. Could get in a bit of fighting and or maybe show them some Bonwicke hospitality. 
   Let me know if any are willing to help out or get together tomorrow afternoon.
   HE Chiang

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