[Bonwicke] Armor on sale this weekend

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Fri Jan 30 07:08:27 PST 2009

Greetings and sorry for the bandwidth.
I'm going to be bringing some armor this weekend to Bonwicke.   Items will be avaialbe for purchase via cash (preferable) or check (if I know you well).   If your're really interested in some items you'll also be able to place orders to be mailed to you.
If you're a heavy fighter and in need of gear - this stuff is a must see!   and I'm not just saying that because I'm selling it - I've already purchased Gavin a shield basket a sword basket and we've ordered him gauntlets - he loves them.  
Since I'm writing this at the last minute from work instead of home I can't list all of what I'm bringing cause I don't remember but based on my memory (and its faulty :)  I've got 2 pair of gauntlets, a couple of metal gorgets, a couple pair of 14th century elbows, some late period codpieces (leather and metal), and I think some sword baskets.
If you're interested, bring your money and come chat with either of us.
Hugs to all and hope to see y'all @ Bonwicke.
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