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HE Chiang chiang at clearwire.net
Mon Mar 2 22:13:05 PST 2009

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, bead making will continue at my house. This will be the last night we can do it for a while. Maybe we can pick it back up after Gulf Wars.
Thursday night is Populace at Lone Wolf Cafe, 19th across from LCU. Will start around 7. 
Saturday from 10 am till 5 pm or so will be the demo at Wagner Park. We will need as many people to show up as we can possibly get. We will have the small Baronial pavilion set up as well as a list field, bring your banners. We hope to make a good showing. Were Gulf Wars not so close, we would ask for help around the Kingdom and region, but traveling to Gulf will tax people enough. We need to be able to handle this things with out help. Please come out and help.
 We now return you to your regularly scheduled, what ever it was.
HE Chiang
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