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Wed Mar 11 09:01:23 PDT 2009

Got this on the seneschal list. It's on a Friday during the day. Would anybody be able to make it? I know I can't. If you can, please let me know.


>Hello, I am the 4th grade teacher at Roscoe Wilson Elementary. As a culminating experience of our studies of the Medieval time >period, we will be holding a Medieval Festival/Faire on Friday, March 27th on our campus grounds. We would be very interested in >inviting your society to perform for us. Please let me know if this might be something we could work out. Thanks so much! I look >very forward to hearing from you!
>Cayce C. Noble
>Roscoe Wilson Magnet Elementary


>Thank you so much for your prompt response! Unfortunately, our festival will be during the school day that Friday. I totally >understand if that changes your availability. I honestly have no idea what I am looking for:) What would be a part of the Arts and >Sciences production? We will be having a small medieval banquet and tournament throughout the day. We could make >arrangements to view a performance for as long as or short as you are able to provide during just about any part of the day. I >believe it would be a fantastic addition to our plans. Our students will have studied, on a small level, all about this time period and >any enhancement to their experience would be much appreciated!

>Cayce C. Noble
>Roscoe Wilson Magnet Elementary





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