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We got our "large wall tent" at http://www.blockaderunner.com/Catalog/catpg31.htm


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We were discussing tents at the officer meeting last night so I decided to post a few websites that I've found. If anyone else has more info, please share. I made a few notes beside each site. There are other sizes (smaller and larger) available on most of these sites, I only noted the size that Chiang and I are looking at right now. A couple of these *are not period-esque* but they are a good size and relatively inexpensive. I have made a note beside those, so if you don't want them, don't look ;) 



http://www.tentsmiths.com/period-tents-wall-tents.html - 8'6"x11'3'x7' (3' walls) - $420 (cut own poles); same with 4' walls $450

http://www.springbar.com/shop/proddetail.php?prod=3599-CW0810 - 8x10 $399 (poles extra)

http://www..hutshop.com/instantgarage.html - 10x20 garage tent $279 w/frame (not period look)

http://www.practicalsports.com/canvas-cabin-tent.html  ***** - 9x12 canvas tent w/accessories $359 (not period look)

http://www.packsaddleshop.com/wildernesst.htm ***** - 8x10 water, mildew $325; 10x12 water & mildew resistant $375 (8x10 frame $250; 10x12 frame $286; website has instructions to make your own frame)

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