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The pictures do not really do it justice, as it has to be seen with the boots and the walk.........especially the walk. And just wait until he gets the right cane to go with the hat and boots. It was worth the donation, just to see it all.
Chiang, who was there, saw it all and help in some small ways
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  If you haven't heard the tail of Sir Cael and his hat to match his boots, then you haven't been talking to the right people. The story goes that at war, Sir Cael found this wonderfully pimpin' hat to go with his wonderfully pimpin' boots but alas the hat was too expensive. Baron Gavin being the wonderful baron that he is, started a fund... A Let's Get Cael The Perfect Hat fund. He hit up everyone, even a Trimarian or two. Now, the way I heard it was that originally, the price was quoted to Cael incorrectly... and while he'd raised the money for the initial price, the real price was still out of his reach... Until Baron Gavin came along with exactly enough cash to purchase the hat!!! I present to you great people of the West [part of Ansteorra] and the Barony of Bonwicke, Sir Cael and his hat! http://stalo.com/~chelsea/SirPimp/

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