[Bonwicke] This Weekend, well Saturday anyway

HE Chiang chiang at clearwire.net
Tue May 19 12:27:42 PDT 2009

  Greetings Bonwicke and to all who read this,
  Some of us thought about having a fighter practice at Wagner Park (26th and Flint) this Saturday, instead of the usual Sunday practice. In addition to just fighting and such, we had planned on doing a cook out. Her Excellency and I have some fajita meat left over from Champion's that we did not get to cook up. We thought we would cook that as well as other stuff people might bring, have an afternoon at the park with some fighting and social interaction.
 We could get to the park around 2 or maybe a bit before that. We will set up the Baronial pavilion for some shade, the list field and some banners to attract some attention and generally have a good time. 
 We look forward to seeing you all or as many as can make it.
 Zia Jian,
 HE Chiang,
 Baron of Bonwicke
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