[Bonwicke] Passa de Arms is Coming!!!! Have you reserved a space?

Tim Matthews albin_oil_de_larrun at yahoo.com
Sun May 31 11:14:21 PDT 2009

Greetings Ansteorra!

We hope you are making plans to attend this years Passe de Arms Tournament here in Adlersuhe. The event is set June 19th-21st in Old Mobeetie Texas. If you haven't made feast plans, we have a great menu in store for you! Feast reservations can be placed with Hldy Ofelia Le Fleming. Info below.

We can't wait to see all our friends from near and far!

Vivat Ansteorra!

Ld. Albin Oil de Larrun
Autocrat Passe de Arms

Feast Reservations: 
Feast Steward Hldy. Ofelia Le Fleming
Ofelia Fleming
3622 Torre Amarillo, TX. 79109
RSVP Feast: 806-676-4385
Or Email: ladyohf at att.net



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