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You are too kind . this is the first time I have ever displayed at the
library . I could not have done it without good Rufus ... it is an honor to
have my items displayed with so many other beautiful pieces . for those of
you who were not able to be there . I would like to recount the last few
minutes we shared before departing for our homes   . after the cases were
locked  we all gathered around our Baroness Wu and followed her from case to
case as she looked over each display, smiled gently and offered words of
appreciation to each of us . knowing that she was not feeling well, made the
moments all the more memorable .. We should not take such acts of devotion
and/or dedication to Bonwicke for granted . they truly do leave lovely and
lasting memories and often come at a high price .being great personal
sacrifice, We are very fortunate to have a number of truly good people who
often provide splendid examples of such love and devotion when simply "not"
would be far easier.   You are truly in our hearts, gentle Baroness Wuya,
and we send our love and deepest hopes that you are feeling better.





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You are very kind, Honorable Lady Katherine. May I say that your armor and
beautiful shields certainly round out Bonwicke's display very nicely. 

Truly folks, this is worth the trip to Mahon Library to see.

Thank you everyone who showed up last night to set up and especially
Baroness Wuya who was ill and really should have stayed in bed. I hope
You're feeling better today Your Excellency!
With much love and respect to my chosen family I remain humbly,




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WOW!  What an absolutely wonderful way to spend a little time . a number of
people brought or provided objects of interest . while the ladies shared a
bit of conversation .. HE, Master Hakon, HE Toshiro, HE Gareth, Lord James
and Lord Rufus . a few of our good guys . actually set most of the items out
for display . and they did an awesome job .. All of the glass display
cabinets look beautiful .. It would be well worth your time to drop by and
see what an incredible presentation of HE, Mistress Anna brought together to
represent our Group.  I promise you too will feel the pride.  Rufus and I
loved being a small part of this Community Activity.





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Hello folks,

This is just a friendly reminder that your barony needs your help tomorrow. 

ONLY YOU can help Bonwicke shine in this community.

Please contribute your things of beauty, your things of necessity, your
things of pride that you wish to show off until August the 30th which is
when we may pick them up again. I would suggest weapons,armor, garb, eating
utensils and platters, artwork, metal work,leather work, etc.{and anything
else I hadn't thought of}

See you all tomorrow between 6:00PM to 6:30PM my family!

With respect,



PS This invitation includes you folks who lurk on this list. Bonwicke needs
you too. Please help out.


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