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OK, folks, we need to send letters to the Parks Board so they won't shut Wagner Park to everybody except those who live in the neighborhood. 
This is the only park that have yielded a large group of passers-by who have stopped to look us over. If we let those few who don't want anybody in 'thier park' have their way, we will have to find another place to hold fighter practice and possibly lose a good recruiting place.
So change the letter so it sound the way you want it to, and send it in.

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Subject: Friends of Wagner Park
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You are being contacted because you have expressed appreciation for Wagner Park at some time.  Did you notice anything this summer in Wagner Park?  That's right, the bathrooms have remained locked.  The Parks Board wants to demolish the pavilion and replace it with a wall-less open-air roofed slab with NO bathrooms.  What else is missing?  Shakespeare in the Park and Melodrama in the Park, which had made its home in Wagner Park for over 14 years until one 26th street resident, who doesn't like events in the park across the street from her, complained and complained until the City has now banned ALL activities from the park.  No Shakespeare in the Park, no noise permits for any events in the park.  You can't even rent the pavilion to have a 1 year old's birthday party.  (Don't believe me?  Try!  They won't let you.)

I am attaching a letter which I drafted.  I am hoping to get as many people as possible to send a letter to the Parks Board indicating broad, across-city support of Wagner Park keeping the bathrooms and having events.  Please feel free to modify as you see fit, send to the Parks Board, and urge as many people as you can find to do the same.  I am attaching in Word Perfect and pdf.    


The Parks Board is a political entity.  Right now, they think it is politically popular to get rid of the bathrooms, because of the perception that taxpayers across the city are supporting an asset for the "rich folks" in the TT neighborhood.  This is not the case.  Wagner is utilized by people across the city, and the true impetus behind the destruction of the bathrooms is a resident who wants to discourage use by anyone not living in the neighborhood.  That said, I urge people to change the wording to something they are comfortable with.


If you would get as many different people from all over the city to submit these letters, with return addresses to show their residence in the city, I think it would be very helpful.

Thank you, 

Helen Liggett 

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