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I believe that the attachment (the letter that you spoke of) got lost.


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> OK, folks, we need to send letters to the Parks Board so they won't shut
> Wagner Park to everybody except those who live in the neighborhood.
> This is the only park that have yielded a large group of passers-by who
> have stopped to look us over. If we let those few who don't want anybody in
> 'thier park' have their way, we will have to find another place to hold
> fighter practice and possibly lose a good recruiting place.
> So change the letter so it sound the way you want it to, and send it in.
> Toshiro
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> Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2010 13:46:20 -0700
> From: helenlig at yahoo.com
> Subject: Friends of Wagner Park
> To: gcraft at lubbockisd.org; seneschal at bonwicke.org;
> butt3rflyofgod24 at yahoo.com; s.karambi at ttu.edu; christopher.witmore at ttu.edu;
> shasse714 at yahoo.com; c.roger213 at yahoo.com; toshirokoi at hotmail.com
>        You are being contacted because you have expressed appreciation for
> Wagner Park at some time.  Did you notice anything this summer in Wagner
> Park?  That's right, the bathrooms have remained locked.  The Parks Board
> wants to demolish the pavilion and replace it with a wall-less open-air
> roofed slab with NO bathrooms.  What else is missing?  Shakespeare in the
> Park and Melodrama in the Park, which had made its home in Wagner Park for
> over 14 years until one 26th street resident, who doesn't like events in the
> park across the street from her, complained and complained until the City
> has now banned ALL activities from the park.  No Shakespeare in the Park, no
> noise permits for any events in the park.  You can't even rent the pavilion
> to have a 1 year old's birthday party.  (Don't believe me?  Try!  They won't
> let you.)
> I am attaching a letter which I drafted.  I am hoping to get as many people
> as possible to send a letter to the Parks Board indicating broad,
> across-city support of Wagner Park keeping the bathrooms and having events.
> Please feel free to modify as you see fit, send to the Parks Board, and urge
> as many people as you can find to do the same.  I am attaching in Word
> Perfect and pdf.
> The Parks Board is a political entity.  Right now, they think it is
> politically popular to get rid of the bathrooms, because of the perception
> that taxpayers across the city are supporting an asset for the "rich folks"
> in the TT neighborhood.  This is not the case.  Wagner is utilized by
> people across the city, and the true impetus behind the destruction of the
> bathrooms is a resident who wants to discourage use by anyone not living in
> the neighborhood.  That said, I urge people to change the wording to
> something they are comfortable with.
> If you would get as many different people from all over the city to submit
> these letters, with return addresses to show their residence in the city, I
> think it would be very helpful.
> Thank you,
> Helen Liggett
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