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 Ni Hao Bonwicke,
I would also like to mention that we have a couple of more offices that will be opening up soon. As a Barony we are required to fill all of our offices, with the possible exception of Minister of Children, if we do not they can remover our Baronial status. While we have had some new members and people showing up, it generally falls to our more experienced members to hold offices and teach the newer ones how to do the job so they can replace us one day. If it has been some time since you have held an office, I would ask you to consider taking one up again and grab up a newer person and teach them how to do the job.
  If you want to hold an office but are not sure of what to do or how to go about it, just ask that officer or me. Someone can help you out. 
  While I have your mostly undivided attention, I would also like to add that we have a couple of events up coming, that is if we can find Event Stewards for them. Our turn to run Gothic Wars will be coming up soon, too, next year if I am not mistaken. We will need and Autocrat for that one too. 
 Autocrating or Event Stewarding, which ever you choose to call it, is some work but really rewarding in more than one way. Nothing quite like people walking up to you and telling you what a great time they had at an event that you were in charge of. 
  Okay, enough of my late night ranting. Hope to see everyone soon, especially at an upcoming event.....hinting at Western Sentinel and Gothic Wars.
  Zia Jian,
  HE Chiang Chi-sh h
  Baron of Bonwicke
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  I have been asked to announce the opening of the Office of Hospitaler. Master Hakon has held the office for two years and it is time for new blood. If you are interested in the position, please go to the link below and fill out the application. Send a copy to the regional hospitaler, kainintepesa at yahoo.com, Their Excellencies, baronandbaroness at bonwicke.org, and me, toshirokoi at hotmail.com.
  HE Toshiro Koi

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