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Thought this might be of interest to some of you

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This past weekend during the College of Scribes meeting at King's Round
Table, I announced that I am sponsoring an award charter design competition.
Here is a summary of the rules:

- we are looking for new original designs only. No existing charters please.
- There are four categories: Non-armigerous, AoA level, Grant level, and
Baronial Service award.
- The entry can be either a solo or group effort
- An artisan can enter in each category more than once
- prizes will be awarded in each category, the prize being a gift
certificate/card to an art related supply store/site of the artist's choice
- completed designs need to be turned in to me by January 8th, 2011
(coincidentally the date of Steppes 12th Night).

The specifications for required wording (and approved variations) as well as
sizes, can be found at: http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/docs/award_text.pdf

This competition is open to all skill levels. The winning designs will not
necessarily be the most complex. Sometimes a simple elegance is the most
striking design, so don't be afraid to enter.

Please contact me if you have any questions, and also to let me know you
plan on entering. Be prepared to describe what award you are designing a
charter for, and the style you intend on using.



Baron Duncan Hepburn, OL
Star Signet Herald

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