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Hm... Are you channeling me? Because those were my thoughts as well ;) Now I 
don't have to write it all out.

 "Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty."  Ronald Reagan

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In looking at my calendar the second weekend might be better. The first weekend 
of June is when people usually celebrate D-Day (if they are going to). That 
could make it harder to get a site and may even hurt our numbers a bit. The 
second weekend would still be good for pay day scheming (I for one shy away from 
events at the end of the month because it is likely that I will be running low 
on cash by that time) The second weekend also gives us a bit more distance from 
Stepps Warlord which could help us if we are trying to bring in people from 
outside the area. It is hard to think about driving to Dallas one weekend and 
Lubbock/Sweetwater the next if you live in say Tulsa, Austin or Houston (or 
Lubbock) Having that one weekend in between would probably help us out a lot.  

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