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We would/are more than willing to help you in any way we can. We did several years ago, hold  demo in the park there, just as you come into town. We could probably set something like that up again. Also as far as Artisan is concerned, contact me off list and we can talk about some options to help out there too.
  I am sure that HE Toshiro will be contacting you soon to see what he can do for you too. 
  Zia Jian,
  HE Chiang Chi-sh h
  Baron of Bonwicke
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  Some of you may remember me (I feel like I'm introducing myself anew every couple of months or so), but I am Beatrix Funteyn, and I live in the wastelands between Bonwicke and Aldersruhe (by mundane reckoning - Plainview).  I have been approached by a handful of people who have heard of the SCA and are interested in getting involved.  However, they would like to form a group in the wastelands, since treks to the glorious barony are not always feasible.

  As far as I know, I am the only dues-paying SCA member who lives in this part of the wastelands, and I know nothing about the logistics and complications of forming a subsidiary group.  Any help, advice, direction, etc. that other people could offer (on or off-list) would be greatly appreciated.

  Along those same lines, the new people who approached me would like to gauge the level of interest in the SCA in this area.  My idea was that we (these people and I) would host a revel, which would feature information-sharing about our organization and possible preparations for going to an official SCA event.  It seems easiest to hold a revel a couple weeks before Artisans.  This way, people could go to a real SCA event that was relatively close and still have a little time to get garb ready, if necessary.

  Does any of this sound like a good idea?   If it does, I would really appreciate any help or suggestions that people would be willing to share.  My friends and I are trying to give ourselves plenty of time to think through the process and get all of the administrative ducks in a row.  If nothing else, this revel could serve as a promotional/recruitment tool for the Barony and to promote the Artisans event.

  Thank you, in advance, for your help and suggestions.  They are all greatly appreciated.

  Beatrix Funteyn


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