[Bonwicke] Sunday Fighter Practice

HE Chiang Chi-sh h chiang at clearwire.net
Sat Dec 3 20:28:36 PST 2011

It seems the weather wizards have said that it is going to be really cold tomorrow. If I could catch them, I would punish them for such weather. That being said, I have some armor and such that I need to work on tomorrow, but if people want to come over and share my garage, with the heat on, they would be more than welcome. We can work on armor, talk about fighting and armor & such. I have most of the crap moved out of the way or put where it needs to be, the rest should be mostly out of the way by time for fighter practice. So come on over and share the afternoon with me, bring your armor or what ever and we shall see about getting it all up and ready for use.
   Also do not forget about the Wednesday Populace meeting, we have secured one of the private rooms at Home Plate Diner on South University, the exact address escapes me right now. We will have the officer's meeting, populace meeting and the polling for the new Baron and Baroness. Come on out and express your opinions on the subject. Have a drink, have a meal, meet people, have a bit of fun.
  Your humble servant,
  HE Chiang Chi-sh h
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