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I have asked Troy to invite everyone on his shift to come out to Champions, I thought I could work up some kind of "flyer" so he could put it on the bulletin board but I am not sure of the rules/regs of that.  What do I need to know or do to get something like that ready and ok'd to put up somewhere?  In fact if I got a flyer ready I could take it around town and put up, but do we want a zillion peeps showing up?  What to do??!!

Thank you!

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   Greetings Bonwicke,
We have three offices open and in need of 
applications. We need a Knight Marshal, this person is the one in charge of 
fighter practices. You do not have to be a fighter, it just helps, but you will 
need to be authorized to marshal, which I can authorize you for.
 We need a Chronicler, this person in 
responsible for getting out the Oracle, our newsletter.
 Last and certainly not least, we need an 
Exchequer, which is the branch treasurer. Responsible for keeping the Baronial 
checking account.
  If you are interested please get in touch 
with HE Toshiro, or Her Excellency or myself, we can help you get the process 
started. I might add that we need all these offices filled to maintain our 
status as a Barony.
 I remain your humble servant ,
 HE Chiang Chi-sh h
 Baron of Bonwicke 

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