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Fri Jun 3 17:32:53 PDT 2011

  Greetings to All,
With Champions coming next weekend, it is time, actually sooner would have been better, to put in those award recommendations. While Her Excellency and I try to see all that goes on, we miss stuff. If you know of someone that you think deserves an award, put them in for it, we are not the only ones able to recommend people. All we ask is that you send us a copy of said award rec, so that we are not so surprised when Their Majesties calls us about it.
  The online  award recommendation page can be found at: http://www.ansteorra.org/forms/award.php   . Go  there fill it out, send us a cc copy. One other thing I would suggest, is making sure the person you are recommending is going to be at the event, really sucks to go to all that and they are not there. Speaking of that, I have a couple of award scrolls that need to be given out, if the seneschals of Black Lake, Trelac, and Adlersruhe would contact me, to see if we can find these people and get them their scrolls.
 I remain your humble servant,
 HE Chiang Chi-sh h
 Baron of Bonwicke
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