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We are doing away with the potluck feast because of the burn ban. You can either bring some stuff or go get food and come back, whichever is easiest for you. Mostly we just talked about who was going to work which gate shift and various other jobs. General small talk, that sort of thing.
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  if someone would be so kind as to give me a condensed version of the meeting, I Would be ever so grateful. With all that's been going on recently with this foundling dog I've been taking care of, jesse's therapy, and now my new job, Tonight's meeting, (aside from the thoughtful texts while my phone was mis-behaving,[ thank you, pepsi]) Completely slipped my mind. If anyone wishes for me to bring something, as I read in the star that it's to be a potluck, (with a burn ban O-o;) I Would be more than happy to contribute any way I Can. (:

  Thank so Much,

  Stephanie - The Lady of the Books

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