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FYI: to any cavalry members that might be so inclined.
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Hi Taylor,

This email is from Joey Gemelli, who is doing a program for The History Channel.  I spoke to him on the phone and I think this is spot-on for you guys.  

He wants to broaden this, however, so any person who already can ride a horse can be "in the pool" of folks that eventually get on film.  He wants to get on Facebook, etc. and I'm happy to see this on the Elizabeth Celtic Festival Facebook page. (Wendy, please just copy and paste the Facebook bit below...I asked him (Joey) to write as if it's from me (us).

Tim and Jim, can you forward to cavalry reenactors and others who already ride?  What Joey told me, is, that "we can teach people how to joust, but we can't teach them how to ride."  They will fly people out to the west coast who meet their criteria.

This could be fun, so I'm happy to push it on to people who could have a memorable experience with it.  Jim, I think back to your experience as an extra in the 70s with the Centennial mini-series...damn, had I only come out, I would have been that piper in the rendezvous scene!  (...and I would have met you ten years earlier.)

Thanks and Best Wishes to All
Neil Gillette
Elizabeth Celtic Festival

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Hi Neil!

Thanks so much for helping us spread the word about this to the community. Our casting flyer is attached or you can direct folks to  

For Facebook you can post something along the lines of:

We just got word that The History Channel is searching for horsemen to compete in their new series Full Metal Jousting, Click here to apply and learn more  

Anything you can do to spread this around is greatly appreciated (email blasts, newsletters, facebook pages, web postings, etc).

Call me if you have any more questions!

Joey Gemelli | Casting Producer, Full Metal Jousting | Pilgrim Films & Television
Office: 818.478.4704 | Fax: 818.847.7938 
  www.pilgrimfilms.tv/casting/jousting/ | www.Twitter.com/JoeyGCasting | Linked In


             NOW CASTING 
               HORSEMEN and WARRIORS

                        You could win $100,000!!!

HISTORY and the producers of Top Shot and The Ultimate Fighter are looking for Americaʼs toughest and bravest for their new competition series Full Metal Jousting. Yes, we said JOUSTING. If you are a skilled horseback rider and have the heart of a warrior, then you might have what it takes to become Americaʼs first Full Metal Jouster and win the $100,000 grand prize.

This hard-hitting competition will recreate the raw, crushing force of Medieval jousting battles by arming 16 fierce competitors with lances, armor and a 2,000-pound war horse -- all charging through an arena with one goal in mind... to become champion.

You donʼt need to be an experienced jouster, but you DO need strength, determination and the desire to win.
We teach you how to joust. You crush the competition.

                               APPLY TODAY!

To apply, send an email to FullMetalJousting at gmail.com with your name, phone number, a recent photo and a brief description of why you think you can be Historyʼs first Full-Metal Jouster. Visit www.pilgrimfilms.tv and click on “CASTING” to get more information. Call our casting hotline if you have any questions: 818-478-4570.
Deadline to apply is JULY 20, 2011

* Candidates must be at least 21 years of age, proficient in horseback riding, and a resident or citizen of the United States of America.

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