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Thought that some of you might find this a bit interesting. Perhaps we could 
do something about it.
HE Chiang

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> Bead competition! 12 inch strand with 3/4 or more handmade beads, since
> the point here is to show off Ansteorran artisans. Heraldic colors of
> any kingdom, since The Queen will be giving these to the Queens at
> Pennsic. Clasps are not required. Please by Crown Tournament enter all
> the strands you want.  Put your name and your group name on a card in a
> zip lock bag with the strand so I can keep up with it. I have one strand
> turned in so far so he is winning...so far
> Ameline at generich.com if you have any more questions
> More on the competition:
> This year at Pennsic I would like to showcase the bead makers of
> Ansteorra by presenting the Queens of each Kingdom with a gift box of
> handmade beads. Therefore today I am starting a Bead Competition.
> Rules:
> - 12 inch strand of beads 80% made by your hand judged on visual
> cohesiveness
> - enter as many times as you want
> - heraldic colors are a plus
> - feel free to match it up to any kingdom if you so choose
> - due by Crown Tournament in July
> - attach your name and your group to your strand
> - beads can be constructed of any period material (ceramic, glass, wood,
> etc)
> Prizes will be given to the neatest single bead, the most period bead
> (documentation desired), the most visually impacting strand, and the
> group with the greatest amount of submissions. Mistress Ameline will be
> in charge of prizes so you know they will be good!
> HRM Gwen
> P.S. Gift boxes are already procured; I only have need of the beads to
> fill them. :-)
> Good luck
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