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Tue May 3 22:25:21 PDT 2011

  Greetings Bonwicke,
Our monthly Populace meeting is Wednesday. It will Ldy Pippa's last time to meet with us, so we are going to have a bit of a going away party. She has some refreshments that she does not want to take with her when she moves, so she will be bringing them with her. The Populace meeting will be at Ld Patrick's shop, address is 316 E 82nd St unit # 10, map can be found at: http://bonwicke.ansteorra.org/oracle/Oracle.pdf . Hope to see you there, a good time will be had by all. 
 We will be talking about a couple of upcoming events, Champions of Bonwicke and Crown.
  On another note, membership numbers have dropped some. I know that we had a large demo that attracted a number of people, but nothing beats having a membership drive either. To that end, I recently completed a small dagger, my first dagger in some time and the first one I have ever made from a file. At the June Populace, we will be taking everyone that shows up with a membership card, placing said cards in a helm and drawing out a membership number. You will have to be present to win, and have a valid membership.....as well as a zip code number that belongs to Bonwicke. So if your membership has lapsed or you have been putting off getting one, for what ever reason, you have a month to get it, to be eligible for the drawing.
 Looking forward to up coming stuff, I remain,
Your humble servant,
HE Chiang Chi-sh h
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