[Bonwicke] Bonwicke Roll of Arms & OP--need your help!

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Let's see if I get this right:
1. SCA name - Toshiro Koi(not registered),
2. If you must use a title, I prefer Your Excellency or Baron,
3. I do not have a registered device,
4. Awards,
    AOA - 7/2/95
    OWCB(Oder of the Western Cross of Bonwicke) - 1/11/97
    Sable Crane - 1/3/98
    AQR(Queen's Rapier) - 9/2/00
    CSM(Star of Merit) - 9/1/01
    Thistle(Bardic) - 4/26/03
    Court Barony - 2/26/08
    Talon - 1/30/10



From: m.alanebarton at gmail.com
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 12:10:48 -0500
To: bonwicke at lists.ansteorra.org
Subject: [Bonwicke] Bonwicke Roll of Arms & OP--need your help!

Good folk of Bonwicke,

I would like to put together a roll of arms and order of precedence for the Barony of Bonwicke, but to do this I need your help. A roll of arms/order of precedence is useful for a number of purposes, including making it clear who has what awards (useful for people to write recommendation letters!), providing a visual depiction of registered arms in Bonwicke (useful for scribes and anyone who wants to make a heraldically-appropriate present), and indicating order of lining up for various court purposes.

If you would like to be listed, please take a few minutes to send me the following information offlist, to m.alanebarton at gmail.com :

1. SCA Name (if you have one)
Please note whether it is registered and include alternate registered names and "known as" usenames; please also indicate any accent marks or special characters somehow if you use them.
2. Preferred title (if you have one; may be an alternate title).
2. The blazon for your device, if you have a registered device (the blazon is the heraldese text description).
If you have a graphic of your registered device, please send that along as well, although I will probably be creating emblazons digitally for consistency unless an emblazon is stylistically unusual.
3. A list of awards you have received (and dates if you have them)--Ansteorran awards are most important, but please include awards from other kingdoms as well as local groups.

I would also like to use this information to ensure the Ansteorran Roll of Precedence is up to date--at present, the list of gentles in Bonwicke is quite short (http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/OP/op-group.php?group=Bonwicke&format=1), and I know there are more than a few members of the barony not on that list.

For example, here's what I would write:

1. Leonor Ruiz de Liso/n (registered), Sen~ora
2. Or, a bend sable between four pomegranates gules slipped and leaved vert seeded Or.
3. Argent Hart -- the Outlands 2010-07-24
Golden Nightingale -- Outlands, Caer Galen 2008-04-27
Award of Arms Outlands 2005-06-25
Gentle Dragon -- Outlands, Dragonsspine 2005-04-02

Your cousin in service,

Leonor Ruiz de Lison
Baronial Herald
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