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Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Sun May 15 23:17:11 PDT 2011

{I mailed this from my officer email addy but that addy wasn't on list
nor have I found evidence of this email making it to you. My humblest
appologies for the delay}

Good Parents, Legal Guardians, and Children of all ages (not likely in
that order)

Blessed is the day when we as members of this society have opportunity
to fulfill our mission statement and educate those amongst us who are
our greatest resource, hope for a prolonged future, and reason for
every season; our Children.

Well met!

I am Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich ~ Member of the Order of the Compass
Rose and our Newest Region's Minister of Children for the Kingdom of
Ansteorra's Children, Youths, and Minors. My contact info is "Newest
Region's Minister of Our Future (NRMoC)"
<northern-moc at seneschal.ansteorra.org>, alternatively "Pukhta Pooky
Lovtsevich" <pookyloves at gmail.com>, or 918-781-9652 anytime 24/7/365.
Please utilize me as a point-of-contact for any ideas, questions, or
concerns you can think of regarding anything to do with those in the
SCA under the age of 18. My officiously superior within the Kingdom of
Ansteorra is the beloved Lady Cait O'Hara. Her contact info is
"Ansteorra MoC Cait O'Hara" <moc at seneschal.ansteorra.org> . You would
graciously honor me if you were to contact me first, so I can have the
opportunity to attempt to be helpful and useful (it makes me do the
snoopy happy dance, when I am).

I am contacting you today because a beautiful birdie with a plumage of
vividly bright colors from the Rainbow of The Dream within your Barony
informed me that more parents and younguns were attending Bonwicke's
fighter practice.

I want to give you some resources and activities that the Children and
Par./Leg. Guars. of Bonwicke may enjoy AND to share with you
information on the Ansteorran Badge Program and Ansteorran Page School
that the Kingdom of Ansteorra's Minister of Children (MoC) officers
are working to develop. REALLY GOOD STUFF!

I'll start with some fairly autonomous games and activities that young
people can play and do with not too much elder oversight.  Well, no.
Lets do links (to save in your favorites, in your new "SCAMoC
Activities" file) and then games.

There is a Yahoo Group available for SCA parents to connect with each
other and MoC officers to discuss children’s issues within the
Ansteorran Kingdom. It is located at

Here is the MoC guide for parents. It frameworks the role of Par./Leg,
Guars. within the SCA: http://children.ansteorra.org/parentguide.php

Here is a brief overview of the Badge Program and Page for a Day
program. The Page School has to be approved and accepted as Kingdom
policy before it can be made public. The Badge Program and the Page
School are in the final Final FINAL stages of development. YaY! The
AMoC will be proposing and submitting  the Badge Program and the Page
School to the hierarchy of Ansteorra at the King's Round Table event
this July for review and approval. Then a whole new future of
entertainment and enlightenment occurs for the most precious people in
the known world, Yay again!
http://children.ansteorra.org/pageforaday.php AND


Parenting Forms! http://children.ansteorra.org/forms.php


way the badge program has worked in the past was when an instructor
(anybody) wanted to teach something (darn near anything) remotely
period (our time specific) an MoC would become very happy and get
scrolls and widdle badges made, so the younguns could have something
tangible to display which promoted good self esteem and positive
reinforcement from elders. At least that was my take on it.
Thoughts on the page school are, there will be different stages of
accomplishment for different areas of interest. Three stages wherein
the first tier involves familiarity, the second involves production,
the third involves the sharing of the knowledge regarding the art form
or activity. I'm likely misstating, overstating, understating and/or
don't have this weeks new and improved version of awesomeness but come
July the clouds will part the angels will sing and children will have
reason to involve themselves with the SCA for a lifetime.

Until a kind and wonderful member of the Barony of Bonwicke steps up
and creates awesomeness for the children within your Barony as an MoC
Officer (arm twist, nudgenudge winkwink) I as Regional MoC would be
honored to serve as point of contact and keep the information of those
wishing to participate in the Badge Program and/or eventually/soonly
the Page School. If you don't want to give information that is
perfectly fine and your youngun can still participate. Again,
Voluntary NOT Mandatory information giving!

The information needed includes:

Child's SCA Name
Child's Mundane Name
Child's Date of Birth
Parent's SCA name
Parent's Mundane Name
Parent's Email
Parent's Phone Number
Local Group
Will the child participate in the badge program?
Will the child participate in the Page for a Day Program?

Any, all, or none. Whatever you as a parent or legal guardian feel is

Here are some ideas we use for MoC activities:

The 600 series is a list of crafts with a historical theme. Most of
them are within our time period.

This site has lots of ideas for meetings, fighter practices, and events.

Best one yet. I love SCA Today. It is an online newspaper devoted
entirely to the SCA.

Esme has been in the SCA for a while and has gathered lots of stuff
for kids. Great site.

That should get you started. I will keep a look out for more stuff.
There are also some great ideas in the links section of the SCAMo
Yahoo Group.

Here are the Ideas for children's activities at fighter practice I was
typing about:


This game is like hackysack. You have a small leather ball (filled
with beans, corn, etc) and the players use their hands (only) for
batting the ball and trying to keep it in the air.

Hawk Amongst the Hens

This tag-like game is an old African game. Two long lines of children
(the Hens) are formed with about 20 feet or so between the two lines.
One person is selected as "it" (the Hawk). The hens must scamper back
and forth between the two lines continually. The Hawk will try to tag
them before they get to the other line. If they make it to the other
line before they are tagged, the Hen is safe. If the Hawk tags the
other Hen before they get to the other side, they must sit out. The
last Hen left is the Hawk for the next game.

Hot Pot Game

You simply gather up some fabric scraps and make the 'hot pots'. They
are just a stuffed bulb shape with streamers of various colors
attached. The children then play a game very similar to tag with them.
You throw by holding the streamers (which are the 'flames' of the hot
pot) the receiving person must either dodge it or catch it by the
streamers. If you are hit by it you are on fire and out of the game.
Kids seem to enjoy it.


This is sort of a reverse Blindman's Bluff game. One person is
selected to begin the game as Jingles. A necklace or arm/leg band with
very jingly bells is placed on Jingles. (Belly-dance coin belts,
Christmas bells, cow bells or anything that makes a noise upon
movement will work.) All the other players are blindfolded.Jingles
must slip in and amongst the blindfolded players without being caught.
The person who touches Jingles is then"it". This game must be refereed
to prevent people from walking into walls, trees, etc. while
Toss Game

Take an old plain blanket and applique simple shields on it. Makeup
flattish bean bags with matching devices and use it as a toss game.
Can toss for matching charges, tinctures etc. The bean bags are a
great way to use up fabric scraps.

If I can help, provide, or make things wonderful in any way, Please
contact me with whatever you need.
If you have any ideas, concepts, or observations, Please educate your Pooky!

In service to Kid, Kingdom, and Crown,


Every moment within the SCA is a precious gift. A precious gift
wherein we might create the memories of every lifetime. Every lifetime
of happiness and joyful memories is The~Dream!


In service to Child, Kingdom, and Crown
Baron Pukhta "Pooky" Lovtsevich ~ Ansteorra's Newest Region's Regional
Minister of Our Future (NRMoC)

Every moment within the SCA is a precious gift. A precious gift
wherein we might create the memories of every lifetime. Every lifetime
of happiness and joyful memories is The~Dream!

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