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Hi, Everyone!


As you all have seen or heard, Adlersruhe and Bonwicke have gotten the bid
for Crown Tourney. 

I apologize for not getting info out to everyone sooner, but I was having
teeth issues to the point I

had to have a root canal done yesterday (Thursday).  I will try to catch
everyone up on what I know.


Here is the First Ad that went in for the Tourney, which will answer some
questions everyone has.



The Shire of Adlersruhe and The Barony of Bonwicke

Invite one and all to attend 

Crown Tournament

July 8-10, 2011 in Mobeetie, TX at the Old Mobeetie Courthouse


The July Black Star ad will include map, directions, and additional info.


Site opens Friday evening beginning at 5 PM and closes on Sunday morning by
Noon.  Overnight camping is available for a separate fee ($6 per tent for
the weekend) payable at Gate.  Some RV spaces are available for a separate
fee ($15 per RV per night) payable to the site, not at Gate.


To pre-register to fight in Crown Tournament, please visit the website
http://seneschal.ansteorra.org/crown_tourney/ set up by the Kingdom
Seneschal.  Pre-registering will save you much time on site filling out


Site Fees will be $10 per person, $5 for ages 7-17, and children under 7 are
free.  A family maximum of $30 will be applied.

Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc. - Shire of Adlersruhe.

A $5 Non-Member Surcharge will be applied if proof of current membership
cannot be provided when checking in at Gate.


There will not be a feast on Saturday evening.  Those remaining on site
Saturday night are encouraged to cook in camp and revel into the evening.


Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also
attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event
Waiver Form from the parents.


Event Stewards

Honorable Lady Ofelia le Fleming                  Baron Toshiro Koi

Ofelia Fleming                                                     Jesus
Cavazos, Jr.

3622 Torre                                                            2006
16th Street

Amarillo, TX 79109                                             Lubbock, TX


ladyohf at att.net
seneschal at bonwicke.org



Other info everyone in our Shire and Barony need to know as per discussion
with our Northern Regional Seneschal Etienne , and BaronToshiro:


Adlersruhe will be taking care of the money; this will include the seed
money and gate fees and all expenses. It will make it easier to keep up with
the paper work and such. Since our Treasurer will need to fill out reports
on all the money taken in and expenses, She, Christine (Caterina) will be in
charge of gate and all those forms. She will need lots of us helping her out
with the gate. We are to be running two tables especially Saturday morning.


Site Tokens, Sir Daniel had some suggestions on some tokens, ( Bottle
openers and Stars) He is checking on prices and will let us all know what he
has come up with. If other people have suggestions, please let us all know.
I would like to have some very nice, but not so expensive site tokens. 


Site Flyers, I leave it up to all the populace. My personal opinion is we do
not need one. As long as we have a good or some good Heralds to announce
anything that need to be announce I believe we should be good. 


Neither of our Shire or Barony have an MOC.  Our suggestion is to not have
any children activities; we can make this known on our ad.  


Thoughts about the field, the Barony will bring their list field and so will
Adlersruhe. We both have banners and pendants on our list fields.  It should
make it look really nice. Adlersruhe has discussed having a work day on
Memorial Day (Monday) to work on banners.  More to follow on other email. 


The Royal luncheon, We have two very capable people volunteering and working
together to do the luncheon.  Aaron and Ana (along with her mom Shirley and
dad Jeff). They all said, would be happy to work together to make it a very
nice presentation and something for all to remember. We all need to decide
if we are going to need to budget some money for this Royal Luncheon or if
both out groups are going to pitch in personal money to make this happen. 


Website, our web minister Josh is more than happy to set up a website and
keep it updated with all information needed for Crown tournament.  We will
need to give him all information we need to put on this website. 


Breakfast and lunch for Their Majesties, I believe they are staying in
Amarillo with some of our people; I will need to find out from them, if
their hostesses are providing them with breakfast. If not, we need to
arrange someone to make breakfast and lunch for Their Majesties. 


Royal Liaison was suggested that Baron Chiang ad Baroness Wu handle this
role. This is a normal duty for landed nobility. I believe they said, they


It was suggested we have the Tavern ( Jeff's and Shirley's Broken Toe
Tavern) They let me know that they would be happy to do this but might need
some help with coming up with the funds to a least come out even.  Menu to
be kept simple , something that can be eaten by hand and carried. More
discussion need on this subject. 


Wilkin and I have volunteered to bring tea and lemonade and have the $ 5 for
all day drink sale. And give all the proceeds to Kingdom.  


There will be no feast, but it was suggested we might want to take a grill
and have it available for the people that want to stay and camp and have
fun, so that they could cook their own food on it. 


It was suggested to have Yellow Roses for the fighter's consorts. I will be
asking some florists , which are in my job's shopping centers to see if they
will give me a deal on 24 to 30 roses.  I will let everyone know what I come
up with. 


It was suggested we need to get a cheese cake. I will be looking at prices
for this. 



This is all I can think of at this time. I am sure I have forgotten
something, so please forgive me and remind me kindly and we can discuss it
as it is brought to my attention. 


I would like to ask all of us to have a get together to discuss all the
things we need to on our Crown tournament event.  Wilkin and I are planning
on going to Lubbock on Sunday for Bonwicke's  fighter  practice. It would be
wonderful to have as many of our two populace show up and discuss any
issues, questions, suggestions etc. that might need to be looked at.  Please
let me know what you all think.


Sorry for waiting so long, but I hope this answers a lot of questions many
of you might have had on your mind. 


Thanks to all ! 

In Service to our Shire and Kingdom

HL Ofelia le Fleming  


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