[Bonwicke] Sunday Fighter Practice

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Sun Nov 13 20:08:24 PST 2011

Sorry I didn't make it out this week, But I did find out what's wrong with my station wagon. There's a CV joint seal that's busted on my transmission and It's a big project.  Hope Y'all had fun.

Incidentally, clyde got a new truck and I'm not allowed to touch it, so, I can't go to BAM this year, or any non-local events till I get my 'new' eventing vehicle an engine. Whee I feel like a bit of a grease-monkey. Haha.

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Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 11:43:56 -0600
Subject: [Bonwicke] Sunday Fighter Practice

  Greetings Bonwicke,
I would like to start practice a bit earlier today, 
say about 2:30 or so. It will give us a bit more of daylight in which to 
practice. Since the time change, it gets dark way too early. See you all at the 
park today.
Your humble servant,
HE Chiang Chi-sh h
Baron of Bonwicke
& Noted Gung Fu hero

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