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I am forwarding this over to the list for information purposes. I will also send out another one with the polling form in it. Please read them carefully and if you have any input please send it to the appropriate place.

Your humble servant,

HE Chiang Chi-sh h

Greetings unto the populous of the Barony of Bonwicke.  As Central Regional Seneschal I have been asked to prepare a Baronial Candidate  Polling form to be used at the official polling on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011. In order to help everyone understand the process, and purpose, of polling's I have included below information taken from the Seneschal's Handbook regarding the conducting of polling's. 


Where to send commentary

The opinion poll form does not include space for written commentary, so any commentary about the baronial candidates should be emailed directly to the Crown at crown at ansteorra.org. Do not send commentary to the Kingdom or Regional Seneschal.  Also, please be cautious when sending email; be sure it is going to the intended recipient (some years ago I accidently sent my commentary to the Steppes List rather than to the Crown..oops.)


Who can fill out an opinion poll form?

Everyone: member and non-members, residents and non-residents. If you are a member, bring your membership card with you to the polling on December 7, 2011.


Mail-in opinion poll forms

Mail-in opinion poll forms will be accepted only if they are filled out completely, signed and accompanied by a letter explaining the pressing issue that prevented the author from attending the physical polling on Wednesday, December 7, 2011. Mail-in opinion poll forms should be mailed directly to the Kingdom Seneschal at the address listed in the front cover of the Black Star, no later than December 7, 2011.


Results of the polling

Please understand that the poll is a measure of your opinions, not a democratic vote. The Crown alone makes the decision.  As usual, the results of the baronial polling will not be made public; they will be known only by the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal.


If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.



Yours in Service,

Baroness Alys Durivau

Central Regional Seneschal

central at seneschal.ansteorra.org

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