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Wed Sep 7 07:59:52 PDT 2011

First of all I would like to thank everybody who went to Gothic this last weekend. Actually everybody who shows up at fighter practice was there, which means the entire barony was in attendance. Thank you all.And as an official reminder, my time as seneschal is near the end of its third year of my two year term; so we need applicants. We will take applications until November 1st; so the regional can decide by December 1st; so the person can go to Round Table and take the classes in January. See how that works?So if anybody wants to apply, please do so. Remember, one copy to me, one to Their Excellencies, and one to the regional. Since we will be changing regions on October 1st, send your copy to the Central Regional. And don't worry, I'll be here and help the new seneschal any way I can.So from the soon to be retired seneschal (yea), thank you.
HE Toshiro Koi

Cadet to Master Don EisenSeneschal of the Barony of Bonwicke

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