[Bonwicke] Hear ye ! Hear ye ! Hear ye ! - Adlersruhe Passe de Armes ! an invitation

Tim Matthews albin_oil_de_larrun at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 11 19:05:57 PDT 2011

Hear ye ! Hear ye ! Hear ye !

Most honorable Lords and Ladies, 

I come on behalf of the Shire of Aldersruhe, 
located within the northern region of this 

Great Kingdom of Ansteorra.
On behalf of our populace I deliver the following:


if possible please deliver unto your populace whom

can't receive communications from this list

In service... 
Ld. Albin Oil de Larrun
Seneschal Adlersruhe
(reprint of original email sent by Porkell Orfuss)
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