[Bonwicke] PARTY! TURNING 40 is so Awesome!

Marquel White marquelb at prodigy.net
Mon Sep 19 13:02:10 PDT 2011

HI everyone, Greetings, Salutations and etcetera.  I want to extend a warm 
invitation to everyone, asking you to attend a party at my home on Saturday 
October 1st.  I'm turning 40 at the end of this month and since the doctors 
won't let me go sky-diving, I'm having a party instead. This is not a bring a 
gift kinda party (although any donations to the the snack table, grill or bar 
would not be turned down :P lol, but not necessary as I generally always make 
more food than we need and I'd rather have you guys without a snack than you 
stay home!)  I'm hoping to fire up the grill and have maybe some hot dogs and 
burgers or something along that nature, if you have a very sensative diet, you 
can always bring something else to throw on the charcoal flames!  But most of 
all, we will have music, fun, dancing and  good time!  My house is at3111 40th 
Street. There is a lot of driveway space and it is okay to park on the curb as 
well. We will get started around 5 or 6 in the evening and go until we fall 
sleep! YOu guys have been so wonderful to me every time I get to spend time with 
you all, ans I always find myself wishing I cold stay a little longer.  I know I 
haven't been able to participate lately (due to family problems and health 
reasons), but I felt close to you all from my very first visit.  You welcomed me 
and made me and my kiddos immediately a part of your family.  When I  face 
something difficult, I remember that and know I will always have wonderful 
friends in Bonwicke.  So I really hope you guys will accept my invitation and 
come out and help me celebrate.  RSVP if you like to 474-7303, but if you find 
yourself free at the last minute, please, still come, drop-ins are more than 
welcome!  Oh!  and if u are a musician, bring your instrument or drums along! 
And don't forget your significant other, husband, wife and kids!  This is a 
family night out!!  I really hope to see everyone there!!!  I promise (I hope, 
fingers crossed) it will be so much fun.  Rather than being bummed or depressd 
about hitting the big 4-0 milestone, I am excited and would enjoy celebrating it 
with the people I love and respect most.  I really hope you will come out and 
play me on the 1st!  

Maquel White
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