[Bonwicke] Passa De Arms Recap.. And Thanks!

Tim Matthews albin_oil_de_larrun at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 26 18:39:48 PDT 2011

I wanted to recap Passa de Arms, and send out my thanks to those involved...
First and foremost, the weather was FANTASTIC! 80's during the day, 50's at night. No clouds.. just great weather.
The atmosphere was relaxed, and I for one had a great time!
Our Newest Champions: 
Heavy was a young man named Jason... (last name eludes me at the moment, but I have it written down somewhere) was a force to be reckoned with.
Rapier, HE Toshiro Koi, who was witty, as well as deadly with the blade.
A&S, Elsa von Schmmach, who's display of woven socks were bound to make a frozen foot jealous.
Bardic, our own Riannan gave a rousing song both in German and English while playing the drum. A song about the Knightly Virture "Faith."
A special thanks goes out to Derrick (vocal heraldry), Ariel (waterbearing), Kay (Listmistress) Jeremy (gate), Kaia (my page) all of which are new to our Shire, and were most helpful at jumping in!
To my A&S Officer Bridgette, she twisted the A&S competion and all the participants had to "Present" their entries. Each had to talk about what they had brought.
A thanks to my friend Harold Greybear, for "bearing" the extra load. (signs, listfield, and countless other tasks)
HE Chaing and HE Toshiro for all their help, and all the "Jokes" at the revel.. You made our sides hurt.. :)
To all who braved the wilds, we send our thanks!
We had 14 campers, and 22 attendees..
And last but not least... My support system: Ofelia and Etienne.. Who helped me keep my sanity
Until we meet again,
Yours in Service,
Ld. Albin Oil de Larrun
Seneschal Adlersruhe
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