[Bonwicke] Moving to Bonwicke

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  Yeah, yeah, that is what they all say. I have been saying that for years. 
Now shut up and get back to fighting, well as soon as we get some other 
projects done...and the armor fixed up nicer.
  Yes we do not, at least in this part of Bonwicke, think that Baja Bonwicke 
does a bit more of that. However should you want to start something, you are 
more than welcome to try. I do have a somewhat decent set up to do several 
different types of A&S, mostly to do with metal working, some glass bead 
stuffs and some woodworking, I do prefer though to leave leather working to 
others, when I can.
  If there is something you want to do lets us know and we will see what we 
can do for you.
  Your humble servant,
   Sir Chiang

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>From what I've so so far, there is not a lot of group/organized A&S
stuff going on - most people work on their own projects, and there are
occasional get-togethers to work on a particular project.  That said
(and to give a decent amount of advance notice!) when my stuff gets
here and/or I'm being more organized (and given being able to find a
suitable venue) I've been thinking of doing some period dance for
those interested.

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