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 Sir Chiang,
You and Her Excellency Wu will be missed and your advice is duly noted.
That being said I too will be holding a competition at this month's Tourney. I will host the A&S competition and the judges will be the populous of our wonderful barony. There will be no particular theme but the prize will be delicious. Please bring your pretties and your prouds to display for the rest of us to drool...I mean to admire.
Mistress Anna Mitrofanova


Honor above all else.



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  Greetings Bonwicke,
I will be unable to attend fighter practice this coming Sunday. I have an obligation to be elsewhere. Hope that all have fun without me. 
  On another note, Her Excellency Gianetta has asked me to run the mini tourney the last Sunday of the month. I have not yet thought of the format, that will depend on who all shows up. I do however have a pretty cool prize for the winner. I have ceramic drinking horn that I won a number of years ago, in a tournament in the former shire of Mendersham. It is a nice looking horn of fair size, easy to handle and safe to drink from. It has long been a custom of mine to give stuff from my prize baskets or winnings from tourneys. I look to continue this tradition at the next mini tourney. 
 Use this weekend and next fighter practice to hone your skills, it is possible that you could very well win the tourney.
I am and remain, your humble servant,
Sir Chiang
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